What is the eAIP?

The electronic version of the Swiss AIP (IFR) is based on a specification created by Eurocontrol and makes the aeronautical information viewable through an internet browser. This is achieved by providing the AIP content in an HTML presentation for easy reading and navigation. At the same time, the aeronautical information contained in the AIP is also available as a PDF for printing. Generally, the PDF files should be used for printouts as their pages contain the effective date, the page numbers and the amendment number whereas the HTML content has no notion of pages and is printed without this information. Also, the PDF files are digitally signed to protect their integrity. Please refer to the section "PDF" later in this guide.


Clicking on this button you will open a PDF file with all the AIRAC changes for the effective date indicated. This file can be printed or browsed. It is intended for those interested in significant operational changes which must, according to ICAO rules, be published 42 days before the given effective date.

AIP effective from DD MMM YYY

When you click on this button you will enter a complete eAIP for the effective date indicated. This book contains all changes that are effective as from the date indicated. You will be taken to a start page of the eAIP that will contain all the navigation required to browse it's content. A help function is also available. Please note that for operational use of AIP contents, you should always print it from the PDF files as these files are the electronic counterparts of the printed version. The HTML presentation is not well suited for printing.

AMDT nnn/yy

Pressing this button will open a PDF file containing the changed pages only. It is intended for those interested in the changes only. The PDF can be printed or browsed.

PDF Files

The PDF files provided on this CD-ROM are digitally signed by skyguide AIM services to protect the content's integrity. It is up to the user to check the signature. We recommend the procedure following this guide.